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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

If You're Wondering What They're Talking About on Air America Today

I would point out that the Supreme Court just overturned the judgment against Arthur Andersen Accounting. If you remember, those were the accountants that shredded all those Enron documents. The Court felt the instructions given to the jury were too vague and broad. This means two things:

1) Liberals will see this as the Agent of The Man helping out the Fat Cats.
2) The Supreme Court is probably right about this. I don't know anything about the case, but neither does anyone else. I mean, people who follow this stuff know about it, but I certainly don't know about what was said to the jury in the trial. I have no doubt the people involved are guilty -- the Media has convinced me of that -- but I think the justice system has to be preserved and improved in this case. For every Arthur Andersen there will be 3 poor guys accused wrongfully of murder that get their convictions overturned by this. Of course, some of them may actually be guilty. On second thought, I don't know how I feel about this.


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