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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Apparently, Laguna Beach is for Real.

Reading the forums at Television Without Pity, I have learned that these kids are real people and the things they do are officially speaking, reality TV. MTV has set out to create TV's first "reality drama", which seems to be a reality show that's edited like a drama, and with no confessionals and other conventions of the genre. That's why nothing ever happens -- it's real life, or at least as real as life can be for these overprivleged teens.

Also, every summer Laguna Beach puts on the "Pageant of the Masters", which features recreations of famous paintings by people standing in one place in costume all day. Sound familiar, Arrested Development fans? I thought they made that concept up, but it's real! No wonder MTV picked Laguna Beach for this show -- these people crazy!

And this brings a whole new dimension to the show itself. These people are actually doing these things? Real Stephen is really using LC as a safety valve when real Kristen rejects him? Some real person named their kid "Talan"? Real Kristen is this much of a ____, and people still hang out with her because she's popular? Wait...her name is spelled Kristin, I'm sorry. I apologize to all the Kristins out there. More questions: All this crap went on last year, the kids saw how horrible they all looked, and how horrible they all treated each other, and they came back for a new season? There's something fishy going on here, and I need to figure out what it is. Unfortunately, that means watching more Laguna Beach. Darn you, MTV.

It may be just a simple as these kids being vapid fame-chasers who will do anything to stay on MTV. Anyway, I'm sure there's a bushel of fun facts I can find out about this, so I'll be in touch soon.

FYI, there are people who believe it's scripted, or at least part-scripted. Why do I need to know this? I'm so disappointing.


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