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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

News for Wednesday, July 27, 2005

In really local news, that thing they put on this work internet connection that keeps my productivity way way up by keeping me away from yahoo and espn is causing the connection to crash, which can't make the bigwigs happy. I keep having to connect to a site 3-4 times before it will load. More on this story as it develops.

We're all dead: They found West Nile virus in Toronto. If a city as clean and futuristic as Toronto has it, we all have it. I know I have it already, with all that pizza delivering I do to the West Nile DMZ in Dallas. Actually, the news is reporting that a few mosquitos, birds, and other small animals have been found with the disease in and around that clean, aluminum city.

Do you suppose that East Nile Virus is going to get into some sort of "rap war" with WNV to increase its profile around here?

The English are Doing Things: Not only have they arrested some people in connection with the "second" bombings of their "tubes" and busses, but the IRA is set to decomission its weapons. I guess they just couldn't compete with global international terrorism anymore. Why blow up a mailbox to make a point if someone is just going to come along and blow up a subway system? We need to get these people on our side, because they could be a great help in the War on Terror.

Tajikistan exists: I remember right after I graduated from college one of my friends told me that a friend of hers was spending some time in Tajikistan. Having never heard of such a country (certain intricacies of the fall of the Soviet Union had escaped my eye when I was in college -- you have to understand, I read the news like once a month. It was a real fear of mine that the US could have been taken over by some country and I would never have known. The only news I remember following was the first Gulf War, and of course the cryptosporidium outbreak that disabled our drinking water for a month), I assumed that her friend was yanking her chain and making the whole country up. Imagine if she would have claimed there was a Kyrgyzstan. Anyway, we're setting up a Ganci base, according to that Turkish newspaper. Which, of course, is a base made specifically to meet the needs of gay people.

UUUUUUUUUnion: One of the happy accidental side-effects of the job market collapsing is the gradual collapse of Organized Labor in this country. Happy, you ask? What's happy about people not getting paid enough money? Well, what a Union allows you to do is to temporarily subvert the free market economy in order to provide temporary security for a group of workers over the individual. When the economy changes, the Union loses all of its power. Can new unions come through for the American worker? Can these dinosaur Unions like the AFL-CIO still remain intact when they're choking their employers into the ground? Will a company like GM have to fire all of its full-time employees and hire a bunch of migrant Native American farmers part-time in order to keep costs low and pay off those old union pension agreements? No, but what will actually happen is up in the air.

Yes, I am a Windows nerd: The next version of Windows has been named, and that name is...Vista? Also, "pirated" (arr...ahoy matey!) copies of Windows are no longer going to be able to get security updates. This may sound like common sense, but all it means is that those unpatched unsecure machines are liable to become spam-sending "zombie" PC's, which in effect hurts security for all of us. Most of the spam and spyware and popups in this world are sent from unpatched Windows machines, did you know that? I'd like to publicly thank Microsoft for protecting their intellectual property at the expense of the public's security.

Oh...gotta go to a "meeting". Sorry if there are any typos, I gotta go right now.


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