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Friday, July 22, 2005

It Has Been Quite a Year

I suppose every one-year period you examine is going to be chock-full of crazy stuff, so I won't say "What a crazy mixed-up year!" or "How did I ever make it through that?" Some things demand to be mentioned again, for the sake of completing our memories. For if we don't mention them, they will fade away like Tom Cruise's dignity. Remember that? I don't.

Top Things That Happened between July 19, 2004 to July 19, 2005.

1) Jag was cancelled after I publicly complained about its existence. It is at this point that I realized the power I have to create my own reality by dissing things that I hate. When I rip them, they disappear. Or maybe I've been listening to too much Ramtha.

2) There were not one but two "seasons" of Survivor. Just when you thought they killed the series with Vanuatu and that hick Chris, they came back with the best season since Elizabeth Filarski graced the Outback. It's your standard "fall from grace -- redemption" story, really.

3) No hockey was played. Also, the Religious Right created a Theocracy that we all now live in. We pay our taxes directly to God now. They'll be mailing you an offering plate next month.

4) I discovered, not necessarily in order: Mexican Trash TV (Jose Luis! -- and something called Secretos that has to be seen to be believed), Alias (by watching the first 3 seasons back-to-back over the course of a month), Netflix (which is how I discovered things like Alias in the first place), Werner Herzog movies (like this one and this one. Man, I miss doing Netflix diaries. I'll have to do more of those soon), Arrested Development, the long-awaited Hitchhiker's movie, and many, many more things.

5) Marquette University chose a nickname to replace the one that nobody liked, recanted when people complained, and then let people choose between 10 nicknames, none of which was the one that people wanted. They ended up fittingly going back to the nickname that nobody liked, and ticked off all their alumni in the process. They're still the Warriors to me, and I didn't even go there.

6) President Bush was re-elected, even after they found no WMD's. John Kerry? What were they thinking?

7) I wrote a novel! Or, more accurately, the first part of one. And I didn't even finish editing/revising that. But I will.

There was other stuff that happened, but it's either to hazy or too sad to recap now. After a week of looking back, let's move forward please.


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