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Monday, August 01, 2005

What A Crazy Weekend

Ok, I'll post a full celebration of my weekend and all things country (besides music, of course) later on in the week, because:
1) It's going to take a while. Need I remind you people that I'm doing this posting at work? The Man makes me be productive sometimes, especially on Mondays.
2) I'm very tired from the weekend itself, and you should be too.

The short version goes: we get there at 11 on Friday and stay up until 4, we are told not to "cross the street", drunken and potentially dangerous games of horseshoes ensue, my wife and I run twice during which we are handed a tract from a local Baptist church, we chill all day Saturday, we sit in chairs in a dirty man-made lake, some people chase snakes and alligators, we pile in the back of a pickup truck and drive to a cemetery at night, gumbo is eaten, a much more subdued night happens on Saturday, we wake up and Jill shoots a gun.

Also, this blog was a topic of conversation, and people were wondering if whatever they were doing was going to "make the blog." While this gave me the attention I so crave, it also made me come to fully hate the word "blog" and the concept of a weblog. I don't know what I'm doing here, but I don't feel like it's a blog. I mean, what is a blog, anyway? Nobody knows what to do with that. People were asking me what a blog is -- it could be whatever one wants it to be. And that makes it a crappy word that means nothing. Could blog apply to all publishing on the internet? You betcha. Sucky word, sucky concept. I'm done with it. Check the top of this page for a change.


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