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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Look How Cool I Am

That post that was formerly here is now gone. In fact, it may have never existed. Kind of like Michael Vaughn.

A few words on last night's season finale of that completely ridiculous show, My Super Sweet Sixteen. I have found that all the episodes of this season sort of blended together for me, except for: 1) Is he not a man? He is "Devo!" 2) That little adopted nut-job, 3) Sophie the Hun, and 4) Amanda and her Money-Flashing Dad. Notice the absence of last night's Sweet Sixteener, a pleasent enough girl we'll call "Carpathia." Her episode played out almost exactly like last year's season finale, right down to her being the fame-seeking daughter of a respected African-American recording artist. And speaking of last year, did you notice the two shots of Sierra there, acting like the party didn't hold a candle to hers? It was practically the same party! Carpathia even made her dubious debut as a performer, just like Sierra! She stunk, but everyone loved it -- just like Sierra! See? Carbon copy!

And compared to the other subjects on this show, Carpathia almost seemed...nice. Her friends genuinely liked her, they razzed her for being rich, and she just appeared to be of a better quality than your typical, "I'm the queen, I get what I want" type of girl the show had been feasting on. I know Carpathia kept saying that she always gets what she wants, but there was a twinge of self-awareness in it, almost like she wasn't serious about it. I don't know. I might be splitting hairs that don't exist, but I don't think that this girl was nearly as bad as most of the others. That's probably why the episdode was so boring -- the only drama came when the guy from "artist development" (dangerously close to the name of that great TV show) made her cry. But you know what? She sucked it up and ended up putting on a performance that you and I know was horrible but that everybody seemed to be pleased with. And that, my friends, is boring.


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