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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Epth New Years Resolutions

Failing at New Years Resolutions must be fun, since we Americans do it so darn much. In that spirit, let's take a look at some of mine for 2006:

1) Walk my dog 5 days a week (every day seems impossible to achieve, so I'm aiming low), even if it's just to the mailbox.
2) Make 50,000, which combined with what my wife makes would make our American dreams finally achievable. I'm a smart dude -- I can make 50 grand, can't I?
3) Remember to send a card for the birthday and anniversary of every member of my family and my wife's family.
4) Be out of my current job.
5) Eat healthier (a relative thing, I know -- but shut up).
6) Write a novel.
7) Make some chicken soup and whip it at some people's souls, or, encourage at least one person a day.
8) Have daily devotions.
9) Post something pithy here once a day.

Ok, so those are more goals than resolutions. And now you know more about me than either you or I are comfortable with. Oh, and I resolve to stop ending my sentences in prepositions.
But at the end of the year we should look back and see that I've done all that stuff, 1-9. That will make 364 days from now a very happy new year indeed.


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