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Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Food-mas

Foods we either received as gifts or purchased/made ourselves over the Christmas holday:

chocolate-and-nut-covered pretzels, one bag.
banana bread, one tiny loaf.
another banana-like bread I can't remember the name of, one tiny loaf.
cashews, one tin.
mixed nuts, one box.
assorted chocolates, one box, plus an additional box of something called the "colonial assortment," which I imagine G. Washington must have eaten.
clusters of peanuts covered in chocolate, one zip-lock bag.
smashed-up peppermints covered in white chocolate, one zip-lock bag.
assorted candies and peppermints.
decorative can with hersheys kisses, candy canes, and 4 different kinds of home-made cookies.
honey buns, a few.
crackers -- "Wheatables," "Sociables," and the great "Ry-Krisp."
3 different bricks of cheese -- colby, swiss, and jack.
4 different vegetables( shrooms, those little carrots, g. peppers, and cucumbers), with ranch dip.
summer fricking sausage, one "stick."
chocolate pies, 2 (one was taken to a friend's house, though).

That's all I can think of right now. I know I'm missing a few things. And this doesn't even count the stuff we ate for dinner last week that's now sitting in our fridge as leftovers. Yikes.

I am fat now.


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