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Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Like Final Destination For Real

I try very hard to keep this "blog" from becoming one of any number of boring monotonous unoriginal things, such as: A showcase for my flaming conservative and/or liberal political views; An online diary about my fricking feelings; A straight sports, entertainment, or gossip sheet; A rant about Mexicans; A collection of links to content outside this site, most of which require annoying registration to view. Everybody hates those things, especially the last one. As a result of my desire to be unboring, this "blog" is a schizophrenic collection of commentary, storytelling, and the word "Jews." I mention this because I feel like I must apologize in advance for this post, which is about death. Morbid, morbid death. Also, it's really just a collection of a couple links to other,


internet sites. Check it out, smurfy:

Final Destination is real. For those of you without clicking ability or a minimum level of gumption, the link is to a Dallas Morning News story about a flight attendant who was supposed to be on one of those 9/11 death flights, but had a family emergency which saved her life. She just died in a car crash. Just like that girl who was hit by the bus!

We really shouldn't make light of death, but it's hard not to be fascinated by the sense of loss associated with living past one's friends and family. For an up-close look at this, check out the horrible site mydeathspace, which chronicles and links to myspace profiles of people who a) died, or b) killed somebody. You know, it's not like they delete your myspace profile when you die. It turns out that myspace can be a pretty effective catch-all message board for the grieving. Also, the site provides an outlet for sociopathic teens to call the people who died "stupid", much to the consternation of their friends. Mydeathspace might in fact be the ultimate internet site. It sure is fascinating.

To provide a juxtaposition to all this death, I will mention that overrated hostage Jill Carroll was released in Iraq yesterday, to the cheers of the world. I know this because every single morning news program led with the story. No news on all the other hostages out there as of yet, but I'm sure we might get to know their names too, if they're cute white women. Oh, did you hear they might find Natalee Holloway's body in the dunes or Aruba? I know this, too, because she's cute. I hate America.

Well, that probably got me flagged.


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