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Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Quick Slaps 1 -- Target Brand 20oz Bottle-compatible Drink Mixes

One of my wife's students was seen pouring a strange substance into a water bottle, and the question was asked of him, "Hey! Boy! What the heck is that strange substance?"
He claimed that it wasn't anabolic steroids or platelet strengthener, but rather Target-brand drink mix. He said, "you just pour it into the water bottle, and it be tasty all of a sudden." His loose grasp of the english language notwithstanding, he had a point. The "Peach Iced Tea" flavor was wonderful, so try it people. And you want to know the best part? It has 0 calories, which is ?###### percent less than leading soft drinks, even the really soft ones.

Let it be known that Epth Nation is available to endorse Target 20oz-Bottle-Compatible Drink Mix anytime Target wants it to. For right now, I will mention that "Crystal Light" also makes this type of thing, but it's more expensive and it turns my lips red (or at least the strawberry flavor does). This is socially embarassing and generally not worth it.


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