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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Great Blog Alert: The Hater

I'm sure 90% of my audience has seen this (seeing as how you're made up of 20-somethings that seemingly grew up on the internet -- not that that's a bad thing), but the long-outstanding fake newspaper The Onion has a new blog in its "AV Club" feature. It's called The Hater, and it's written by a combination of a cute French movie and a 5-blade razor. This combo is a keeper, and it provides us with much funny.

(This is Epth Nation does not endorse nor condone the reading of blogs that are not subsidiaries of This is Epth Nation, nor does it make any claims re: the greatnes and/or non-greatness of the material within, whether meaning words, photo-images, non-photo images, motion pictures, illegal acts, sarcasm, or any other thing in existence, either expressed or implied, or even hinted at. In short, you didn't hear this from me.)


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