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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wireless PCMCIA Card I Need

Yeah, Yoda might say it like that.

Anyway, I need one so I can post during the day, in my car. There's something very romantic about that idea for me. I'd feel like a gumshoe. Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going to make a list of all the people I need to tell you about, the people I've fixed computers for. All of them seem to have unique qualities about them that come out when the computer guy is around. I think wealth might have something to do with it, or age. Most of the people I work for are either old or rich or both. Those are the two groups of people who don't care -- they'll say whatever's on their minds. I can't wait for that day. When I'm old, this blog's really going to be something.

Preview: One customer claimed to have gone to high school with Warren Buffet, the guy who's giving away billions of dollars . I believe him.

I still like my job, for those of you who care. I work with good people, and as Thoreau once said, "That has made all the difference." Cocky SOB, that Thoreau. I just misquoted him.


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