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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Leave for a Week and Craziness Happens

It's been a pretty good week, considering the last time I was this far west I saw a bomb explode in a garbage can near Janet Evans during the Atlanta Olympics. Poor Janet Evans. So far, the 3-0 US World Cup loss has been the worst thing that has happened. And then I go to and see the movie news for today, June 15, and all heck breaks loose.

The US is flexing their muscle to get closed. They're threatening to leave Russia out of the World Trade Organization if they don't destroy it. Oh, well -- mafia in some other country will pick up that lucrative ball and start running with it.

The Australian Parliament is attacking the new "Fast and the Furious" sequal, not because it sucks but rather because it teaches kids to drive badly. Someone should tell them that that's kinda the whole point.

The Parents' TV Council (PTC) and the American Family Assn. (The dreaded AFA) successfully got CBS fined 3.3 million dollars for showing a "teenage orgy" during an episode of Without a Trace. Weirdly, the PTC was offering the clip in question on its web site, which gave busybodies a chance to see the orgy for themselves. CBS is claiming that the only people who sent in a complaint were whipped up by these two orgainizations, and therefore never watched the show. Lost in all this hubbub is the fact that Without a Trace sucks.

My Name is Earl is coming out with a special DVD-only episode sold with its first season DVD package. It features an alternate universe where Earl tries to punish anybody who's ever wronged him. Epth Nation loves this sort of thing, and expects to see more of it in our DVD extra/internet age.

Neilsen will soon be adding internet viewers to their ratings system. So, you three dudes, you will be counted now.

World Cup ratings are up, and clearly, Epth Nation is partially to blame. We apologize to the sports fans of America, who were treated to a rollicking 1-0 Swedish victory over Paraguay, crushing the hopes of that depressed South American drug factory. Sorry for getting you interested in soccer once every four years.

In other news, Iran told Fox News that they would be willing to help the US in Iraq.

There is nothing else to say. Good news in Iraq? Good news in Iran? Iran talks to Fox News? Iran willing to help us?

Man, they must really want nukes.


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