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Monday, September 18, 2006

Meet Kyle Coleman

Tonight's tipping test will be taken by Mr. Coleman, who decided to live in the furthest corner of our delivery area and order a pizza at 10pm. Not only that, he also put a 0 dollar tip on his credit card. Is he intending to give me any cash? I intend to find out!

(Scroll down for result)

You're not going to believe this, but Kyle Coleman is actually a girl. More specifically, she is a girl who just tipped me 3 bucks. It looked bad for a minute there as Mr/Mrs Coleman signed the slip with no cash in sight. But she told me to wait a second and 3 bucks materialized in my greedy hands, thus making this delivery marginally worth it. Thanks, Coleman.

Also, the 9-0 football score I saw on TV assures me of a 2-0 week in fantasy football, that is unless Hines Ward had like 500 receiving yards.

All things go, eh?


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