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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Way You Make Me Feel

When I started this blog, I had no idea it would become such a high priority in my mind. Right now, it feels like I'm totally failing at it, and that's totally gnawing at me. Here are the things I've promised (myself) but not delivered:
Even Dwarves Started Small recap
NFL Football thoughts (I did no preview this year.)
Holy crap State of the Bucks address (now with the original colors!)
How refereeing is bringing me to a state of crisis w/r/t sports.
Popes vs. Muslims
An object lesson in why I don't talk about homosexuality or gay marriage.
Papa John's "eastasia-eurasia" relationship with customer service and labor costs.
My impending departure from Papa John's
Two words: Fantasy football.
More things every Dallasite must do.
Time Warner and how their merger with Comcast is jammin' me.
Countless comments on countless reality TV shows.
How the great radio station KTCK in Dallas is in real danger of losing what makes it special.
On Microcenter. (Or is it Micro Center? I don't know anymore...)

The 20 people who check this thing are being gypped, and my fear is that I've already lost all the gains I was making over the past year. Here's the problem: I have no time to do this properly. I don't even have time to do it improperly. Part of my bit is that I write about stuff nobody is interested in -- it's why I turn a review of a Sufjan Stevens concert into a manifesto on his Christianity, and it's also why I can't become a real blogger with a national following and a stretch humvee. I can't turn this blog into solely a promotional tool, can I? I wouldn't, don't worry. But what will become of me?

For Pete's sake, I'm writing this in my car in between deliveries on a slow night. Does that sound healthy to you? Is this what Papa John had in mind when he started this company?

If it sounds like I'm complaining, you have good ears. I have so much to write, and not just here; Can you wait for the good stuff? Can I afford to wait to deliver it? Should I stay up until 3am, rambling drunkenly on the state of the Big Ten? Will I get the dreaded "Blackberry thumb"?

Just stay tuned, will ya?


  • At 9:14 PM, Blogger Lord Bif said…

    Not to worry friend Mike, we are a patient bunch. Look how seldom I update my blog, I mean my last post was about my desk.


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