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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Curse You, Shyam Das.

First of all, get a real name. This isn't a George Lucas movie and you are not living on Corissant. Actually, you being an alien would explain a lot. You looked at the fact that MLB Baseball Thug Kenny "I Hate Cameras" Rogers put a cameraman in the hospital, and thought, "Let's throw this guy's suspension out on a technicality and let him claim his fine as a charitable donation. It's the least we can do, really." This makes you an enemy of baseball, America, and all hardworking people everywhere. I hope the fact that you've helped ruin baseball for the children keeps you up at night. But it probably won't because you're a lawyer, and you're probably sleeping on the big pile of money that Don Fehr gave you.

But hey, the owners agreed to this collective bargaining agreement. They put Star Wars characters in a place of power, and now they can't even properly suspend a player who beat up a cameraman. When will baseball learn from basketball, football, and now hockey? It doesn't matter how long it takes -- you must break the union's spirit and bring sanity and balance back to the game. I want to see a 2-year lockout with the players fracturing, breaking ranks, and eventually firing Don Fehr and his ilk. Then you can have people like Shyam Das deported to the planets from which they came.


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