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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yay Police

This just in: An episode of "Cops" broke out right outside my window at approx. 5:40am this morning, as Police shone a bright light at a dude and told him rather forcefully to get his "hands on the wall." I am assuming he did, because we didn't hear any gunshots. One witness reportedly heard a man say, "you weren't trying to get in there, were you?"

In the spirit of building bridges I now say thank you, Richardson Police. You did something useful, saving me from a possible "waking up all scared with my death alarm going off. " This is on top of the fact that you haven't stopped me for a stupid traffic violation in 6 months. Since you have done this for me, I now vow to stop saying that you've declared war against the community. See how easy it is to be nice? All you've got to do is catch criminals.

It felt like we were at our old apartment, the one in Dallas with the fires and the painted-over roaches and the fights outside our window. Except the Dallas police would have never shown up unless there were gunshots involved, and even then...let's just say we're never moving back to Dallas proper and leave it at that, Ok? The Richardson police are a bit overzealous, but they seem to take crime personally, which is essential.

Thank you, cops in that SUV that caught that guy. But next time, I want to hear a tazer.


  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger jill said…

    i really did hear him say that. also, they said, if you move again i'm going to have to spray you.

    allie slept through the whole thing. useless dog.


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