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Friday, May 05, 2006

The much-anticipated LOST internet nerd-session/clue-fest is up at The Lost Experience. Actually, that site is an unofficial "respository of all the scraps from the Lost Experience Alternate Reality Game." Examples of super-LOST-obsessive stuff they have so far:

-- Interviews with Gary Troup, author of Bad Twin, the manuscript of which Sawyer was reading again this week.

-- A phone number you can call and hear the voicemail message of Hugh Mcintyre of the Hanso Foundation Public Relations (plus archived mp3's of previous messages).

-- numerous other pictures, puzzles, characters, and strange goings-on.

The main "official" site of The Lost Experience (sounds like a bad '70s band, doesn't it?) is here, FYI. The site I told you about first is better because it gleans all the important stuff from the puzzles on the main site and leaves out most of the frustration. Plus, my work blocks the official site. Looks like they're achieving their productivity goals, eh?


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