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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ramblings from Last Night

I'm now working in Ubuntu Linux 5.whatever (the breezy badger -- what a South African native-sounding name), with Open Office.Org's 2.0 version. It's kinda cool, and the bigger buttons (which are the new default) really make it seem more like a "real" word processor, like Word 6.0. It still takes 5 times too long to start up, but it's functional and still the only way I can save something in Word .doc format. Oh, and it's free with no upgrade rip-off path, so I can't complain. You know, every time I say "I can't complain," the person I'm talking to comes back with, "It doesn't help anyway" or some variation of that sentiment. Are our conversations really this pre-determined? We're all a bunch of robots. Or are we?

Forgive the scattered nature of this post. If this blog were my daily LiveJournal or something, it would probably be like this every day. Thankfully, I'm better than that -- until today.

I'm outside, and it's too hot out here despite being nearly 9pm. I came out here for some Peace and Quiet, and to get away from the Dallas Mavericks blowing a chance to destroy the Phoenix Suns in game 6. I'll soon be forced inside because of the bitey bugs, I fear. Plus, a man can handle only so much peace and quiet. Ok, I'm going inside now.

Charles Barkley just said, "Don't call them WNBA fouls." That's an example of why he's awesome, despite his wandering mind and dubious sports points. The other night somebody held up a sign behind him that warned Kenny Smith to watch out because Barkley might eat him.

I looked up "Epth" in google's blog search and found some interesting stuff, including that guy who said I was a pedo*hile. This other dude provided a much more in-depth review of my blog. He caught it at the "LOST + basketball" time of year, and since he's not interested in those things, he gave it an average review. I assume he didn't read too many of my posts, or he'd see this blog has at least 5 or 6 other subjects it talks about on a monthly basis. I'll take his suggestion of improving my archives, though -- he's right, they are unwieldy. Ok, so he didn't use that word, but it he were a better writer that's the word he would have used. My wife informs me that she looked at the site, too, and that it was some sort of dating sight. I guess that guy doesn't want to date me now with my "average content" and all.

My wife wants to get me on a reading program where I read all the classics I missed out on when I was in school. I wasn't much of a "reader," you see. She said I should start with Where the Red Fern Grows and Tom Sawyer and Any Shakespeare Play and go from there. I'm starting with American Gods, which is not a classic but she's making me read it anyway. Or rather, I want to read it. What's that? Oh, and that's right, I never read Tom Sawyer. Heard the Rush song a bunch of times, though. His mind is not for rent by any God or government, that's all I know. Mark Twain is such an individualist.

The Mavs are just throwing this game away. They look like the Bucks right now. Don't they want to win? It's time for Dirk to win this by himself, and add to his German superstardom. Do you, dear reader, see David Hasselhoff at the game the other night? Is he the least cool global superstar we have right now? Why is he so popular in Germany? Are they getting back at us for, you know, the unpleasantness in the 1940's? Someone should tell them that WW II was their fault, and that it's ok for them to listen to U2 now.

I'm just really disturbed right a lot of dissonance in my head...can't figure out what to do...can't stay on one topic for more than 2 minutes...should I jut quit and do laundry...hey, Dallas is within 4.

Do "Parmesan Encrusted Fish Bites" sound appetizing to you? Does something so processed even count as food? Is the nutritional label for this just a skull-and-crossbones? Do they have "Mr. Yuk" stickers anymore?

Today we ate at Gameworks at Grapevine Mills Mall. Yes, we were at the mall. Anyway, I ordered a BBQ Beef Bacon Pizza and received a BBQ Bacon Burger. It had almost all of the right ingredients! I didn't say anything, because I wanted to eat then -- not 15 minutes from then. As the waiter laid it down on the table, my wife and I just looked at each other, knowing that a super-quick decision had to be made. I just thanked the waiter and ate the wrong food, laughing about the mix-up. Does this seem weird to you? Do you think I should have sent it back and waited the 15 minutes for the correct order? If you do, then you need to expand your mind brother. There are things I can put up with, and those I can't. The BBQ Bacon Burger happens to be a mistake I can deal with. It's not like they brought out a veggie burger with extra pectin or something.

Well, the Mavs just won. First time ever in the NBA Finals for them! The Fatherland must be jumpin'.


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