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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Hectic Life Continues

Dear reader, I keep letting you know these things because I have to tell someone...

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching. I'm teaching computers 3 days a week to grades 1-6, though for grades 1-2 I'm going to be more of a facilitator and fact-checker than a teacher, I suspect. This is my first time being entrusted with the job of cramming knowledge into the heads of schoolkids, and I really want to succeed. Tomorrow, I'm just going over some classroom rules and basics.

Oh, and it was just last week that I learned I was going to be doing this through my current job. I had suspicions, but it wasn't firmed up until late last week. How exactly this all happened is a funny story that I can't get into right now, but it ends with me teaching grade-schoolers. Hey, why not? I just started a new job and moved into a new apartment clear across town -- Massive and uncomfortable change is just par for the course these days. I would rather have a birdie, but I don't know where that leaves the analogy.

Strangely, I'm not nervous. If all else fails, I'll just blather on and on about "being careful around the cords" as the kids just stare at the screen for a half-hour. I've got big plans for this year, but time will tell whether I get the planning time and on-the-fly-training to accomplish them all.

I need to tell my Microcenter story soon, too. One guy is clamoring for it, and I'd hate to disappoint my fan(s). I'm formulating it in my mind:

Chapter One: "General Sales," or how to succeed in business without selling extended warranties.

Chapter Two: "The R. Years," or how the collapse of the tech market came suddenly and without warning, causing layoffs and confusion and no raises.

Chapter Three: "The S. Years," or "Let's see how much we can impose upon a man before he breaks."

Chapter Four: "The Final Battle," or, Mike finally wises up to their games.

Should be a blockbustah. Maybe I'll bounce some of my ideas off the kids tomorrow.


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