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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Things I learned at work yesterday (nerds only)

I fixed three computers at work yesterday, and learned a very valuable lesson on each. Isn't life super-great? Look out:

1) Always check the router in the closet. After a power surge, you may not think the business you're at is large enough to warrant a router in a closet. You might think that switch by the server is the one that controls everything. You might be wrong. I learned that you always must check all potential closets for the routers first, because you'll waste everybody's time if you don't.

2) SBC/Yahoo is sending cable modems with routing technology built-in, so if you have an existing router you're screwed. Seriously, you have to disable the original router so the brand-new pointless "2-wire cable modem router" can route things. If you don't, the two routers will just stare at each other like a fat kid stares at cake, and you won't be able to surf the internet, which defeats the purpose of having SBC/Yahoo in the first place.

3) When that "cable" light on your cable modem is blinking, that means that either your cable modem or the line itself is mocking you, and there's nothing your local computer guy can do until Comcast (actually, Time/Warner -- probably Time Magazine, actually) sends a dude out to do testing on the modem and the line. Really, there's nothing we can do, and we told you this last week. Please stop calling us, because you're far away and nobody likes you.

But seriously, I love my job.


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