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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Unbelieveable Level of Sorriness

(Don't let those freckles fool you -- Her new recipe is keeping the Mexican down)

Found in this post on the increasingly essential (to those of us who live in Dallas, that is) Dallas Observer Unfair Park Blog. It seems that 75 to 95 Mexican workers at the stupid Cafe' Express here in Dallas were told that if they worked there for 5 years, they would be US Citizens after that. This is sorry for the following reasons:

1) Cafe Express told them a Houston Law Firm had filed the paperwork for their US citizenship.

2) The law firm filed the paperwork late, and every single request was rejected.

3) Cafe' Express and the law firm knew this, but didn't tell the Mexicans. For five years.

4) Cafe' Express sent them letters implying that he paperwork had been filed and the plan was on schedule.

5) Cafe' Express threatened them, saying that if they quit working there, their immigration papers would be thrown out.

6) Cafe' Express took $25 out of each one of their paychecks to cover the cost of the immigration process. For five years.

Now the 75 to 95 Mexicans have filed a lawsuit against these evil people, risking deportation. They already have a 10-year wait to get back into the immigration program. I hope Cafe' Express and their parent company, Wendy's, is made to pay for their crimes. The worst part? Cafe' Express started this evil plan while Dave Thomas was still alive. I don't think the real Wendy would have approved, do you?


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