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Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm Such a Rebel...

If eyeballs traveled over TCP/IP, you'd be looking at a man who is simultaneously employed at both Papa John's and Pizza Hut. Of course, I'm not really still employed at the Papa...I'm just playing out the string because I'm a nice guy and I wanted to give them at least 4 days' notice. I feel I owe them that for all the stories they've provided over the years, even though they systematically shrunk the amount of money I was able to make there and only kept me at $5.25 an hour because it's against the law to pay less. Maybe I didn't owe them that, on second thought.
I'm just staying until Tuesday because Man Bob Bill will be there, and if he gets out of line, WHAP!

Good things about the Pizza Hut I work for:

NO cartoppers. I feel like flying when I think about this, it makes me so high.

Twice as many orders as my Papa outlet.

Lots o' money.

No ghettoized apartment complexes.

The automatic dishwasher that goes WHOOSH!

The drivers, who aren't necessarily stupid.

The fact that the managers dispatch everything, meaning scuzzbags can't take extra deliveries they shouldn't.

The fact that they cash out after every run, which makes leaving at night a snap.

Did I mention the dishwasher? WHOOSH! No more of that unhealthy three-sink crap!

Wayyy less phone calls due to the Pizza Hut Answering Service, which the managers all hate but it keeps me from having to answer the phone.

One or two words: Rockerknife.


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