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Friday, August 26, 2005

Unda De Limbo Steeck

I feel like I'm in writing limbo right now, mostly because we're in that weird time of the year where no sports besides (baseball) are going on. We are anticipating football season, and basketball season, and even hockey season, but right now it's just speculation and stories about players going insane.

I feel like my NFL Preview is just arbitrary and a big pail of guesses. Last year, I predicted Green Bay will meet Tennessee in the Super Bowl. Whoops. Basketball I know about -- football is a mystery to me. So this year I think I'll trick up the predictions somehow, to keep myself interested. Yes, that's what I'll do.

A NBA preview right now would be out of the question, because so much player movement is still happening. I mean, Michael Finley hasn't even decided which contenda he's going to yet. I will say that as of today, the teams I think improved over the off-season are: Cleveland and Milwaukee. Teams I have no idea what to do with: about 10, starting with LA and NY.

My next recap of My Super Sweet Sixteen will happen tomorrow. The thing is, I need like a solid 3-hour brick of time to get that done, and the only day I have that kind of time is Saturday. This last week was kinda boring, anyway. They tried to make a narrative arc, but the pot at the end of the rainbow was filled with nothing instead of gold. That's actually a really good summary of that episode. I might use it.

Those evil girls soccer players are still locking the door to the Field. I would jump the fence to get in, but I wouldn't trust myself to make it out of there after exercising. My girth would drag me down. Plus, I don't want the vigilant and militant Richardson cops to fine me. I don't want to re-declare my undeclared war on them, because I can't fight a two-front war. I'm only one man with only two arms.

God bless you all, and smell you later.


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