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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sweet Sixteen Girl's LiveJournal

Before I get to the recap, here is Sophie's LiveJournal. It's now "friends only," probably because her enemies started massing as soon as they watched the episode and sent her a bunch of crass comments about her weight. Sophie would probably refer to them as "haters." Anyway, it appears to be legit, and contains some interesting background info on the wildebeast (copyright someone at TWOP). The enigma that is Sophie gets bigger and weirder with each passing day. She's a cheerleader? This makes no sense. But hey, she likes Death Cab For Cutie, which puts her in some good company.

Oh, and she's Jewish, or at least a member of FJA (Fellowship of Jewish Athletes). I don't think any of those words apply to Sophie. I'll give you bonus points for naming which of the 10 commandments she broke during the episode. Here's a hint -- one of them starts with "Honor Thy..." This girl's about as Jewish as Ava.

The "trippy" prep school she attends, The Benjamin School, claims this about itself:

The school fosters character, leadership, integrity, honor, a love of learning, and a sense of personal responsibility.

Some things just speak for themselves. I don't want to talk anymore abouy Sophie today anyway. I don't want to feed her Napoleonic Complex. I also apologize for this font. Boo, Blogger.


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