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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Papa John's Garbage Can Wars, Part II

In this post, about halfway down, I told the story of Man Bob Bill and his quixotic fight against having a garbage can in front of our Papa John's outlet. His claim was that it makes Papa John's "look trashy," which while literally true I suppose, is actually totally false. No-one cares. He moved the thing two doors down, in front of the local Curves. Predictably, Curves didn't like that (seeing as how it's run by the Curves Nazi and all), and last night at about 9pm two unmasked men drove up to the garbage can in question, put it on a little cart, and moved it back. It's now exactly where it was before -- the dirt circle it once made is still there, and they lined it up just right.

When the amused onlookers (read: me) asked why they were doing this, they said that Curves was tired of having it in front of their door. One can only speculate as to why. Maybe they want their Curves customers to have to walk a few more feet to throw out their garbage, therefore increasing their exercise. I don't know. But I did see the Curves Nazi there, supervising the whole thing and grinning like she had just been elected "Curve of the Year."

I can't wait for Man Bob Bill's next move. Maybe negotiations are in order? A pizza-for-garbage treaty? Or maybe...dare I say it...FARGON WAR!

Lost in all this is the fact that it's a garbage can. These people need some things to do, or some new brains that think better.


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