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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Currently Playing Crazy V-Games

I haven't left my friend Jeff's house all day, and I've spent it doing nothing but eating, playing video games (Starcraft, Battlefield Vietnam, and Unreal Tournament), and watching old episodes of Dynaman and new episodes of When my life is over, the Powers That Be will point to this as a completely wasted day. I haven't even been very good at the video games. Somebody stop me, before I eat and sit myself to destruction. Oh wait, I'm coming back home tomorrow. Cancel that, and pass the odd cabbage-and-scalloped-potatos-in bacon-butter thingy that's been sitting on the counter all day.

So, what's the status of Evanescence these days? They still a band? If you were here, you'd know why I'm asking that.

I'm trying to get my Wordpress blog going, because I think the newness of the technology (to me, that is) will motivate me to post more. I'm trying to get the content on exported over there, but the internet is telling me that I need to enable something called CURL extensions for php to do that. The internet then shut up and didn't tell me where to find them.
Stupid internet.

Some of my friends are going to a "baccanalia" tonight. They're going to eat pretentious food and worship Rome. Apparently, it's like a toga party for intellectuals. I'm staying here though, and I bet you can guess what I'll be doing. Mmm...lukewarm cabbage and potatos...hey, I think there's some heavy whipping cream in this, too.


  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Bearded One said…

    Evanescence has managed to get more mileage out of one stinking album than any band in existance. A remix album. A live album. A freakin' tribute album. My brother can't get enough of them. All I'm asking for is a second album.


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