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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Beginning of Basketball

Even though my NBA fandom is still pretty up-in-the-air after my realization that the refs pretty much decide who wins NBA championships, I am still slightly excited for basketball to begin. First, the good news: The Bucks went back to red and green! (picture to come, because I can't get blogger to post it right now -- grr). Trust me, this is a great move with potential championship implications, provided we don't face a team the NBA wants to win. Urrgh. I guess I'm still having problems with last year. But that's another topic for another day.

Guess what? Andrew Bogut, the Great Australio-Serbian Hope, is out 6-8 weeks after colliding his legs with the fleebiest player in the NBA, Steve Blake. This is a terrible sign.

Seriously, though -- Bennett Salvatore is still in the league? After the job he did in the finals last year? This is the kind of thing that makes one think the NBA is actually crooked, and corrupt, and totally rigged. If I did the equivalent of what Mr. Salvatore did at my job, I'd be fired. He willingly ignored all common sense and reason and called a foul he couldn't have possibly seen, and didn't exist. This probably cost the Mavericks the critical game 5 of that series. He should be gone because he's horrible. This should be a slam-dunk PR move, really. Don't they have PR in the NBA? Or are refs like college professors, with tenure and laws protecting them from removal? Why is he still an NBA ref? Don't they know that their integrity is at stake here? Are those morons right when they say that the NBA is no better than the WWE?

I don't know if I can sit through another NBA season and pretend that it means something. I may not be able to do it anymore. Sports needs integrity. Without integrity, sports results mean nothing. Think about that when Barry Bonds, Jason Roidambi, and Bennett Salvatore beat the rap.


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