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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm a Bad Person Because I Love TV

Big week of TV this week. Big big big. For me, anyway. First of all, tonight there's an all-new LOST for which I haven't even gotten a chance to look up spoilers yet. I heard a commercial on the radio that was like, "The enemy is closer than they think..." which I'm guessing means Abbie (the girl who used to be on Drew Carey, and is seducing Hurley -- is that her name?) is an "Other," or something like it. But why would they be developing her so hard as a good character? I don't know. Maybe Claire is the evil one. Or Locke. Or the whiny afterimage of Shannon.

So then there's that, but also there's Survivor moving forward, and after tomorrow I will have officially missed two episodes of the most wheels-off year ever. I haven't been able to fit Survivor into my already-packed entertainment watching schedule (see below), but I know that I'll probably regret missing it. That's about the saddest sentence I 've ever written. Moving on...

Friday Arrested Development finishes its run on Fox, with 4 new episodes. In one night. Playing opposite the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I'm extremely excited about this. This is the end, folks -- unless its rescued by another network, which is getting less and less likely with every passing second. Anyway, I work Friday night, so I guess I'll have to "tape" them. Dang. More stuff for the entertainment queue.

Speaking of which, I now have to plan my entertainment-watching like I'm on a cruise ship, since I work so much and have so many other things to do in addition to that. I have to schedule it, or it never gets done. One thing I've learned in life: For grown-ups, everything is a business deal. There is no "vacation." That word was invented by Madonna in 1984. Anyway, I have the rest of the MST3K version of "Manos -- Hands of Fate" to watch (about an hour's worth). Man, it's funny. On top of that, the Netflix we have in stock at our house are The Life Aquatic and the highly anticipated (by me) Grizzly Man. That's the documentary about the guy who befriends some bears, only to get eaten by them in the end. It's directed by Werner Herzog, who you might remember from such films as Heart of Glass, Fitzcarraldo, and Aguirre, the Wrath of God. I don't think I could conceive a documentary more tailor-made for me, unless David Lynch does one on the Milwaukee Bucks or something.

So here's what I'm thinking. I finish MST3K:Manos in between works today (it's about an hour), doing necessary chores and playing with the dog while it plays. MST3K is a show one has to pay close attention to in order for it to be any good, so it's not the best plan, but I've got too many other things on the docket these days to worry about experiential quality. Tonight, when I get home, I'll pop Aquatic in and start on that a little bit. If my wife wants to watch it with me, maybe I'll hold off on it until Saturday. That's ok. If that's the case, then Grizzly Man is the logical choice, though I'll probably watch it on Thursday night so I can take notes. Yeah, I'm going to do a Netflix Diary. How many times is Werner Herzog going to do a movie about a guy who gets eaten by bears? Probably never again. Plus, I'm watching one Simpsons episode per lunch hour until I get caught up this year. I'll be posting about that, too. On the back burner are Survivor, Beauty and the Geek II, and whatever comes in the mail from Netflix next.



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