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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's not you it's me


For not posting in 5 days.

This novel's eating up a lot of my time, k? LOL.

Writing a novel has proven to be both harder and easier than I imagined. Telling the story is easier. Dealing with my own failure to write things properly has been much, much harder. I just had to scrap a section and take it in a different direction for the good of the story. As a person who hates to do things more than once, this literally wounded me. Ok, not literally. But I nearly stuck a pen in my eye.

So I'm at 17,000 words or so, with 4 big days of writing ahead of me. My goal is to hit 30 grand by this weekend, and not have to go back over it and fix any continuity errors/horrible prose. Writing a book is hard work, man. I hope it all works out in the end. There better be a happy ending. The fun thing, in all seriousness, is sitting down to write knowing I am in control of the story, and can take it anywhere I want. It's like Choose Your Own Adventure without the choices. Because there are infinite choices.

In other news, it seems to be job interview season here. I had one last week and they haven't called back yet -- which is fine because the position had as many negatives as positives, and was really just a stop gap, like Doug Pedersen. I need a Brett Favre. I have another one on Friday for a sales positionm, which is very strange because I told them my only experience in sales is the 6 months I spent selling computers and computer accessories. I keep being honest with them in an attempt to give them any chance to back out, but they keep on going forward. Now I have this phone interview, and if I don't scare them off I get a real interview, and the whole process is going too slow for my taste, actually. It's looking like I will have to spend another Thanksgiving here in dinosaur hell. But I vow to be out by Christmas.

Peace out, yo.